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Thank you for your quick response to my concern about our computor hub location. Kelvin came that same day to assess the situation. This morning he and one other came prepared. They worked fast and efficient and went the extra mile to clean up. Both you and your crew showed alot of class Thank you!

John Mills, Brookings SD

Keven, I just wanted to thank Perry Electric for such a prompt reply to our problem this morning.This morning as I started breakfast for my kids, the stove made a loud pop and the house blacked out-no electricity!  Needless to say, we were in a pickle.  The last thing you want with the temps below zero is no power.  I took the kids to their mom's house to finish getting ready.  I called Perry Electric from there.  I was pleasantly surprised to find somebody already in your office (prior to 8:00am-you guys must be early risers!)  The guy in the office took my information and assured me that he would have a technician on my problem as soon as possible.  I was happy to hear that as I had a sick child in the home-I wanted to make sure things were squared away as quickly as possible.  By the time I got back home from dropping my two middle-schoolers off, your tech guy pulled in almost behind me.  He introduced himself as Kyle and immediately addressed my issue-going directly to the external box by the meter.  Afterwards we went to the basement and Kyle checked out the electrical box.  He took off the panel and gave the box a good going over-assuring me that no hazard was in the making.  After giving me peace of mind, Kyle explained the probable cause-apparently the cold weather was the culprit.  I have three kids that I love with all my heart & soul so, safety is a priority.  I didn't want to experience the same problem again-say after hours, etc so, Kyle decided that he would return after an hour or so to make sure the problem didn't re-occur.  Apparently, Kyle returned while we were getting ready-he put

Steve Crosby, Brookings, Sd

To whom it may concern: Thank - you for a very fine job installing our heat pump. The men were very efficient, kind, and thoughtful. I have asthma so they went the extra mile and made sure the fan was working so it could circulate air for me. I really appreciate their kindness. All are fine young men who represented Perry Electric well Irma Ellis

Ima Ellis, Brookings SD

You are appreciated for your prompt service and great products. The man who came to our home and disscussed our needs was very professional and the two men that did install were very professional and very neat in their work. We love the new furnace and AC. We do not even hear them run - what a great improvement!! The whole experience was stress free. Thank -you

Alvin Kruger  

Gloria Kruger, Des Smet SD

I have to say THANK-YOU for the incredibly quick response to my electrical problem during my recent home improvments. Your guy came over within an hour of getting the call, assessed the problem quickly and got a crew to my home within the day and had it fixed within a couple of hours. As you know, this was a serious problem that could have been a fire hazard and your incredible guys took it seriously. You have an incredible company and truly know what customer service is all about. When I was asked who I wanted for do the work, Perry Electric was the first name to come out of my mouth. I didn't want anyone else to do it. I slept very well that night after you guys made it happen. I can't thank you enough!!

Scott Herreid, Brookings SD

We love the system, most even heating we ever had. The best surprise is the heat in the lower level. We've put ceramic tile on the floor, even the floor is warm! We've had a lot of people ask about the Geo-Thermal and our air handling system, I've been recommending your company easch chance I get.

Tom Goetz , Milbank SD

Perry Electric

     We want to thank you for the great service we received in a purchase of a furnace, air conditioner, and a humidifier. Jeff and his crew Tim, Robert, Adam, Eric, and Carlyle were very organized and a real joy to have working in our home. You can be proud of the way they conduct themselves . Thanks again Jeff and crew!

Lynne and Omar Olson 


Lynne and Omar Olson, Brookings, SD

Keven Perry

Thank you so much for being so patient with us about our furnace and taking the time to listen to our complaints.

I know that in the past we have complained a lot about the  furnace that you installed. I know we must have sounded like a broken record many times. But you can not believe how quiet it is in our house now that we have the new furnace. We have always liked the service we got from your business and everyone of the technitions that has come to ur house. They are very courteous, do a great job, never leave a mess, and are always willing to do what ever they can to help us. You can be proud of your techs, they do a great job. Your business is one of a kind to take the time to listen to us and to do a great job. We want to thank you for all that you have done to help us with the problem of our furnace being so noisy. We truly appreaciate it and thanks again, We have always highly recommemded your business and definitely will continue to do so. 


Doug and Janet Sunde     

Doug and Janet Sunde, Madison SD