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Air Duct Cleaning

Everyone today does it, from your local department store to carpet cleaners to professional HVAC contractors. There are many different vacuum's used to clean ducts, some better than others. By the nature of the job it only makes sense to get the job done right, by someone who has been trained to service and install HVAC systems. At Air Supply we use a "Power Duct Vacuum" it is mounted in a trailer we pull behind one of our service vans. All duct cleanings done by us are performed by trained heating and air conditioning service technicians. Large sweeper hoses are run from the trailer to the ductwork at the furnace. The vacuum is turned on and dirt is sucked back to the trailer. Then each register is individually blown down and we access the ductwork at different spots in the basement. Through those access holes (that are sealed after the cleaning), we feed in a Power Duct Whip. This patented whip "scrubs" the dirt off the inside of the duct while the continuous vacuum pulls dirt & debris into its containment area. A proper job will take 3 to 5 hours depending on the size of your home and amount of ductwork. We charge $475 for up to 14 openings and $15 per each additional opening.