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Altom Heating & Air, Inc.

175 Old Highway 25
Tumbling ShoalsAR 72581-9322

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We treat you like family...

It seems everyone's in the heating & air conditioning business these days. So which heating & air company do you choose?  You choose the one that runs their business from their home; with their family!  Then you find that you're treated like family. With over 30+ years of experience in this industry, plus continuing education to enhance knowledge of the ever-changing technology in the systems, there isn't a company that can beat the total experience you will receive after Altom Heat & Air takes care of you.  If service isn't enough, then how about the industry exclusive products to choose from?  Well, if that's not enough, then lets add the cherry on top of this.  Now, at Altom Heat & Air, Inc., we offer consumer financing with GREAT promotional offers.  Now, you can save a little bit of cash upfront and finance your next heating & air conditioning system.  Make sure you ask about our maintenance contracts and extended warranties that will guarantee your no out-of-pocket expense if something happens to your system.  So, with that being said, lets get started making your comfort top priority.