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Our History

  Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

The Weis family has served the St. Louis community heating and cooling needs since 1927.   Herman Weis with a partner opened Weis-Ryan Heating and began our family’s legacy in the market. During WWII the company had to downsize due to the diversion of steel and other raw materials to the war effort. Herman locked up the shop and found other employment to support his wife and eight children.

Richard Weis returned from WWII asked for the keys from his dad, and re-opened the shop as Weis Heating Company. He had a process and a plan to economically install central heating in all new homes with the new blower-driven gas furnaces. The housing boom that followed the war allowed the company to expand rapidly.

Raymond Weis, his brother, joined the company in the mid-50s. In 1974 Rich changed the company’s direction and core business. He sold the service and replacement department to Ray who renamed the new company to Weis Comfort Systems. We opened our doors at 1710 Chase Drive on January 1, 1975. More than thirty years later we are still at our same location.

In the early 80's brothers Tom & Dan joined their father's company full time.Then in 1992 they made arrangements to purchase the stock and assets of Weis Comfort Systems, Inc. and in 1995 Ray Weis retired.  Since then, we have acquired DeRousse in Red Bud (2010), Keil-Forness in Belleville (2013) and Gaines HVAC (St. Louis) 2017.

Our mission is for you to not to worry about your indoor comfort.  When you sleep comfortably, so do we.